New Members

All students interested in joining should fill out this form and submit it.  Here is some information you should read.  Make an educated decision, not one based on what you hear and what your friends are doing.


1.  Browse-Take a look through the website and see our calendar and "About the Band" sections.  This will give you an idea about what we do in the Music Department.  Not all events involve the band but we encourage all members to audition for events that are NOT band related.

2.  Discuss-Talk it over with your parents.  IM, Facebook, and text them if you have to!  If you love MUSIC, don't stop studying it!  This  might be the last time you get to study MUSIC in your educational career!

3.  Register-Fill out the form on the left and click submit.  See your guidance counselor to sign up for Concert Band (incoming freshman) or Wind Ensemble (recomendation by Mr. Dolan).  That's it!  You will then recieve information about an orientation meeting in June regarding all events and rehearsals regarding the band for 2010-2011!

4.  Fund raising-All members are required to help with fund raising to operate the program.  All information will be given to you to help raise funds for the program as well as travel with the band.

5.  Participation-Any student wishing to audition Regionals and All State MUST be enrolled in Concert Band or WInd Ensemble.  The same rule applies for students wishing to perform in concerts and travel with the band.

6.  Leadership-In may every year an executive board will be elected for the following year.  Since colleges and universities look at your activities in the arts, holding an office or section leader allows students to show that they are able to be good leaders.  There are many opportunities to be a leader and many students have been able to go on to the college of their choice because of their participation and leadership in Band.  

Incoming Members