Enjoy the following video clips from various performances!  More updates to come!

Music In Motion 2011

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Music In Motion 2-Drummer's Dream

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Members of the Amity Drumline perform "Clean Sweep" from Music In Motion-2009


Members of the Amity Band and Choir perform "Life is a Highway" from Broadway Pops-2009

Connor Deane  sings the "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Amity's production of Les Miserables.   

"Les Miserables" Spring 2010

Paparazzi Pops 2010.  Marla Morris and company perform "Love Don't Live Here/Something More".

Paparazzi Pops 2010

Jack Stamp on why music matters!

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Music In Motion 2-Chameleon

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The Amity High School Color Guard performing "Techno Pirates" from Music In Motion-2009


The Amity Drumline performs "Percussion Discussion" from Music In Motion-2009

"Music In Motion" 2009

Amity High School's production of Les Miserable's, "One Day More."

"One Day More"

Paparazzi Pops 2010.  Connor Deane and company perform "Haven't Met You Yet".

Paparazzi Pops 2010